Greetings, I'm Akira. I've been doing graphic design since 2010. They say that nothing worth doing is easy. Like every one of us, I’ve had my bumps in the road. But if you ask me, I wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Because throughout my journey I’ve honed my skills and proven that my services get results in the real world.

As a designer, artist and musician, I utilize my talent and intuition to bring ideas to life. Always thinking outside the box and piecing together the future with inspiration from the past. I love to write, brainstorm and engage with other creative people, merging our talents together to see what we can come up with. There's something awesome about not knowing the outcome of a project until completion. I live for that feeling.

If I'm not busy writing, I'm designing something in Illustrator or snapping photos of the world around me. I'm a self-taught photographer who learned on Polaroid cameras and graduated eventually to a Canon EOS 5D Mark III in 2014. My only regret in life is not taking more pictures. Each moment is precious and we should all take advantage of every second we have. Photography and writing are so much fun, it's hard to think of them as 'work'.

There will be a physical studio in the near future. A true powerhouse. A creative mecca where photographers, writers, like-minded designers and engineers can collaborate together for some of the world's greatest brands. This is my vision, a new art movement. A fresh start that gives places and products a whole new style, function and purpose. 

Won't you join me?

SEKUNDHAUS is my plan for the future. An actual brick-and-mortar design studio specializing in graphic design, typography, photography and minimalist music production. 

All design works done by SEKUNDHAUS follow three main principles: 1. Simple and clean design when possible. If it has to be chaotic, it must be controlled chaos. 2. Three variations of each design are always presented to the client. We call this the "Trinity Method". 3. Use of recycled or animal-free products whenever possible to benefit the health of our Earth.

If you are interested in helping me make this studio a reality (donating supplies, sending work my way, becoming part of the company etc.), you can contact me anytime through this website. Together, we can change the world with art. Let's take inspiration from the past and build a bright new future that works better for everyone. Minimal, functional, clean & economic design.