Natural Oak 10" Christmas Pyramid by KWO. Christmas pyramids have been a tradition in Germany going back to the 18th century. Tea lights can be placed on the four corners to illuminate custom holiday scenes that take the center stage of this charming, old world decor. The propeller spins slowly when candles are lit. Place nuts, dried fruit, pine cones or figures in the center and create a truly magical experience for your family & loved ones each winter. 

The 40mm single-hand Defakto Mono Schneeweiss (Snow White): A refreshing, minimalist design, approaching time in a more relaxed way. Using a 12 hour scale, time is segmented into large hour, medium 15-minute and small 5-minute intervals. The precise, needle-like hand tells you the hour and approximate minute. Hand made in Pforzheim Germany at the northern tip of the Black Forest, this simple yet stunning timepiece is available in white with polished stainless steel case, or black PVD case with a Superluminova fluorescent hand. This watch uses the Swiss Ronda 712 quarz movement and comes with a soft, German-made, cowhide leather quick release strap. 

The Jantar 4 jewels Alarm Clock: Made in USSR (1970s model). Bright red with a clean, legible white face featuring bold Arabic numerals, chrome plated bezel with unique 3 hand design. The thick, skeletal hour hand sits in stark contrast to the syringe style minute hand as the thin metal, clear plastic coated second hand ticks away quietly. A rare find and a fantastic vintage desk clock with working alarm. Durable, Soviet-era construction make this clock both functional and visually appealing.

The Bond All-Purpose Briefcase by Faire Leather Co. A must-have item for today's working professional. US Top grain cowhide leather exterior, luxurious Burgundy Microfibre interior, the Bond is all you need to grab on your way to the office, a meeting or your next flight. With a variety of features to accommodate your lifestyle, This handsome travel companion has you covered. 

Dual-function trolley slot strap/outer pocket with magnetic top closure and sturdy, zippered bottom for quick access to important items. Various sized pockets within for all your tech needs. Snapped loops for keys, glasses, watch, pens, cords & cables. 
Securely holds your mouse, tablet, wallet, passport, phone, charger, SD cards, no problem. The laptop compartment is designed to fit up to a 17" MacBook. Rigid construction, minimalist design aesthetic. Available in Jet Black or Hampton Green. You can't go wrong with a Bond.


Do you ever wish there was a cozy little cafe in the comfort of your own home? Well, the team at Nescafe have delivered the next best thing: The Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine. The perfect solution to groggy, morning coffee-making struggles. The Dolce Gusto delivers a bold, aromatic cup of ‘pricey coffee shop’ java within seconds at the push of a button. 

A strong competitor to the popular KEURIG machine, Nescafe have created virtually the same experience for less money. With 25+ flavors to choose from, this little storm trooper-looking robot does everything the local barista can do, except spell your name wrong. 
Hot or iced? Latte or cappuccino? Hot chocolate or tea? This machine does it all. Simple to use, easy on the wallet and a super compact size that fits in any kitchen. Treat yourself to some delicious gourmet coffee at home. You deserve it.

Exciting Animal-Free watch straps by ColaReb. A small Italian company manufacturing unique straps & cases since 1990. Their CARTA line of straps (Carta, which means "paper" in Italian), are made from a special cellulose fiber paper instead of leather. Get this–they're so down to Earth, the lining is made from apple peel! 

Super comfortable, lightweight, resistant and eye-catching, these straps look amazing on pretty much anything in your watch roll. Brighten up an old timepiece from years ago or give your new GMT a "weekend" look. 
They also make a fantastic gift for the watch geek in your family. Designed and hand crafted by experienced artisans, the Carta line and the rest of the ColaReb collection are superb-quality at a great price.